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Class One: Reception

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 Welcome  to Reception. 



During the first part of the Autumn Term the children will be focusing their thoughts and class work on our topic ‘All About Me’. In creative development (EAD) we will be drawing, painting and making collage models of ourselves. We will also be using our hands and feet in printing activities. During our Physical Development (PD) sessions we will be looking at imaginative ways to use various body parts to move safely and confidently whilst developing our awareness of space. In our understanding of the World (UW) studies we will be discussing and thinking about ourselves and our families. We will also be looking closely at our school and our local community. Numeracy (MD) and Literacy (CLL) activities are focused on counting skills, numeral recognition, securing knowledge of letter sounds and using sound recognition and blending strategies to read simple words and write labels. Numeracy and literacy sessions are usually delivered through songs, rhymes and topic themed stories. During this half term we will also be considering season changes and taking part in the harvest celebrations at church.

An overview of the work we hope to cover this half term is available to view as a PDF document on our class page on the school website


 To view news reports on Class One activities please click on the PDF files below.

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