Drop off and Pick Up


In the academic year 2023-24:

The gate will be unlocked between 8.35am and 840 am and locked again at 9am

Years 3-6:  Learning time is 8.45am-3.15pm

Years R, 1 and 2: Learning time in 8.55-3.05pm  (Children with siblings in Years 3-6 may arrive at 8.45 and will be escorted out at 3.15pm)

Dropping Off

Parents of children in Reception and Key Stage 1 should escort their child to the classroom door on a morning.  Parents of children in Key Stage 2 can drop their child at the gate but parents should note that although the headteacher is usually on the playground, the school does not provide a member of staff to supervise children before the doors open.

Picking Up

Parents are asked to wait outside the gate at collection times.  Staff will bring their class to the collection point and allow them to leave once an adult is visible for their chid.

Walking home independently

Only children in Year 6 are allowed to leave school independently to walk home provided parental consent has been given in writing. The school keeps a register of children who have permission to travel to and from school independently which is shared with the child’s class teacher. The children will always be encouraged to walk home together in pairs.

If a child should not arrive home at the expected time the parent/carer is expected to notify the school immediately.

These permissions only apply to children leaving school at the end of the school day: any child leaving school early (e.g. for medical reasons) must be with a responsible adult.

Non Parents picking up

Parents must have provided clear verbal or written permission to the class teacher for children to be released to an adult who is not the parents or carers of the child. This permission must be given with a description of the person collecting (if not already known to the school). Where possible, this person will be introduced to the class teacher in advance of the first collection.


Children arriving after the doors are closed (Learning times above) should be escorted by parents to the school office to sign them in.  Registers will close 15 minutes after the start times.

Early Collection procedure

Whenever pupils need to be collected before their formal dismissal time, parents/carers must provide prior notification by writing or by telephoning the school. This is to ensure that the class teacher is notified and therefore has sufficient time to distribute any homework/notices.

At the time of early collection, parents/carers must report to the school office. Parents/carers are required to sign the child out with the time that the child is being collected. Office staff will notify teachers that the parent/carer has arrived to collect the pupil. Parents/carers are kindly requested to wait in the office area for their child to arrive from the class.

 The School recognises that at times, pupils will need to attend appointments (including medical appointments) during the school day. In such cases, parents/carers are welcome to collect their child for the appointment and then return them to school during the school day. Parents are required to sign their child out of school. The office will ensure that the child is signed out of school when leaving the premises. When parents return their child to school, they must report the child’s return to the school office so that the school is aware that the child has returned and is back on the school premises. The office will ensure the child is signed back into school upon their return.

Parental Responsibility

The school acknowledges that those with Parental Responsibility have a legal right to collect their children from school which will be respected by the school. In the event of any dispute, it is the responsibility of the parents to notify the school of the arrangements that have been made. The school will of course comply with any court orders that may be in place.

Children uncollected from School

When a child has not been collected by home time, the child is taken to the school office where a member of staff will contact the parents by telephone.

 If parents are unavailable, the emergency contact is called.

When a child has not been collected by 3.45 pm, the child is enrolled within Rising Stars club. The parent is liable to pay the cost for this service.

 Lateness of collection is monitored by the school. The school may share information with regard to persistent lateness with the Educational Welfare Officer or Children’s Social Care.